The baby is coming and hopefully you did your shopping

The most enlightening and greatest experience of your life is about to happen… a newborn baby. Being a parent is such an amazing feeling and one of the greatest responsibilities that you will shoulder for the rest of your life. Along with that, you get to have some fun and do some clothes shopping for your baby. Don’t go all crazy, baby clothes don’t have a long-life span. What I mean by that is babies grow out of clothes really, really fast. So, It is an investment that you won’t want to put hundreds of dollars into. You will need to continually buy new clothes anyway.

What you should know before hitting the mall

Buy some warm clothes

Babies are not the best at keeping warm in when they are first born. Although, they do have extra fat that is specifically burned for this purpose, buying some thicker but breathable fabrics will always help. Make sure to buy some hats for your baby too. Babies lose most of their body heat through the top of their heads. This will help hold in body heat.

You will need a lot of clothes

Newborn babies are known to puke all over you and their outfits, so you will be doing laundry often. Always plan on having several pairs of clothes to change your baby into, stocked in your diaper bag.

Clothes sizes are measured in months

You really won’t run into clothes labeled large or small when buying clothes for newborn babies. Usually they will be labeled by 0-3 months or 3-5 months, etc. The baby drawer will be filled with tons of onesies. Hopefully you have good taste and your baby is lucky to have tons of cool onesies.

Stock up on clothes for at least six month

What we mean by that is, stock up on clothes for your baby until they are at least six months old even before they are born. So, you should have sizes 0-3 months and 3-5 months, etc. This will make sure your baby always has an outfit that fits. You could always go to the store and do more shopping but you will quickly realize that you will have your hands full anyway dealing with the newborn baby.

Everyone wants to gift clothes

Before you start running out to buy clothes, wait until after the baby shower. Most people enjoy buying clothes for newborn babies, so chances are you will be gifted a lot of baby clothes. A tip though is, ask everyone to buy diapers, you will be going through a ton on of them and man, are they expensive.

Enjoy the fun experience of clothes shopping while you have the chance because you will be way to busy once the baby is born to get out and go shopping. Don’t worry too much about budget for baby clothes as they are relatively cheap, unless you are planning to cover your baby in Gucci for a couple months.